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Express through Photography


Stones in your eyes, stones in your eyes, 
 Stones in your eyes, stones in your mouth, 
 Stones in your ears, stones in your mind, 
 Stones in your eyes, stones in your eyes.
Living in a jar, think the lids the sky, 
 You’re hoping for a savior on your cross outside. 
Stars are just a million little fireflies, 
 The sun is just the whole world and the light outside.
Maybe I should rest but on the seventh day, 
 I’ve created nothing and I’m wide awake, 
 So can I tie my key to your electric kite? 
The rooster crowed twice and you kissed me good night.
There’s too many saviours on my cross again, 
 I know I’m never going to be a perfect man. 
Everyone’s an oyster with their grain of sand, 
 I love you most and some, now it has to end.