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Western Art

Western Art is a key element in western décor.  It might be a painting, or bronze sculpture. Perhaps your choice of western art is a Native American ceramic piece or brilliantly colored raku vessel, hand blown glass or carved antler.  Whatever your choice, western art is a significant part of western décor.

Art, like religion, is a personal thing.  Western art is no exception.

Western paintings and western sculptures evoke the lifestyle:  ranching, rodeo, hardworking men and women.  They capture the landscape, animals, and characters.  The mediums are varied and include oil, acrylic, watercolor, bronze, ceramic, glass, and horn.  Whatever the medium, western art has a broad array of subjects to interpret.

The western region of the United States is made up of fourteen states.  The landscape and cultural diversity in the region provides western artists with an extraordinary array of subjects and subject matter.