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What Are Photomosaics

Photomosaics uses photography to create a very unique form of art. The ultimate goal is to take a series of aerial pictures and compile them in a way that they form one big picture. At a distance what you see is a picture of a person, animal, object or really anything that the artist is going for. When up close, you can see each individual picture that was used to make the large image.

The artist decides what type of picture that he or she would like to create. Then using a series of very small tile pictures, they make the larger pictures by using these small tiles as a painter would use paint. They find tile pictures to fill in the colors that they need, thus creating the larger image at hand. Photomosaics can also be pictures of a similar area pieced together to create a panoramic view.
Photomosaics are also known as, photo-tiled pictures, photo montages and photo tapestries. These beautiful works of art are generated through various types of computer programs.

These pictures have many uses today and can be found in almost any form. They can be in the style of a traditional art piece, a T-shirt, puzzle, poster, mug, computer wallpaper, or just about anything that you would like a photomosaic to represent. The uses and ideas for photomosaics are almost endless.

In today’s visual age, photomosaics are very popular. They are a very unique and interesting piece of art. This art has a technological twist that draws people in. To look at a pholomosaic and see a large picture from a bunch of smaller pictures is just amazing in it’s nature. It brings about intrigue and strong curiosity from those that have the opportunity to see a photomosaic up close and from far away.